Challenge - Change the world!

Challenges are actions that broaden your world.

Dare to Challenge! Challenge yourself-don't rely on others. No matter the outcome, you can be sure to discover a new self that persistently strives to reach new heights.
Step forward, accept the challenge! Things that were once unreachable will come surging to you. Challenge is the key to your growth. Let's open the door to challenge that leads to an exciting new world.

Change is thrilling!

Change is a discovery of oneself!

Dare to change! Don't be the same person you were yesterday, change, no matter how great or small, change for the better. Be courageous enough to make changes to yourself and in the world around you.
Change does not happen suddenly. It is the accumulation of small challenging steps and persistent effort. If you maintain your focus you will be greatly strengthened. There are no paths in front of you, leave a trail behind you! Keep going forward to discover your new self.

Success! Another exciting world awaits you!

Success brings about confidence. Success brings about a new, prosperous future.

Dare to Succeed! Success is always in front of you. Saku Chosei fully supports your will to challenge and succeed. Change the world with your success!
Reach each goal and go beyond it! Saku Chosei fully supports your challenge.

No bells - Cultivating self-assertion

  There are no bells at Saku Chosei. There is no passive waiting. Chosei students develop responsibility and self-reliance, taking initiative in getting themselves to their next class, prepared and on time. This creates the habit of action-taking, developing initiative.

Casual Day

  Casual day is a day when students can come to school in daily clothing as opposed to the school uniform. This invokes a new rhythm and better awareness in their lives.